2 Good Advice When Buying Bathroom Floor Tile Ideas

Marble Tile For Small Bathrooms

Before you decide which bathroom floor tile ideas to choose, it may be worthwhile to get a tile, interior designer or architect to look into the room. Let them either come to you and look at the room, or show them good photos. They can often see the possibilities you had not even considered. You often spend well over 100,000 DKK on a brand new bathroom.

An advisor rarely costs more than 2-3 percent of the price of the bathroom, and the money can be well spent. Keep your toilet and wash basin in white colors. You quickly get tired of the contrast of your bathroom floor tile designs if you choose yellow, green or blue basins. The same is true of your luminaires. Your tiles form the basis of what you choose elsewhere in the room.

If you have fallen in love with a nice luminaire in brushed steel, you should choose matte tiles or bathroom floor tile ideas with matte surface. Most, however, go the other way. And if you have first chosen glossy cool bathroom floor tile, you should also choose shiny luminaires. It plays much better together and does not create a visually unpleasant contrast with food and shiny.