5 Steps On How To Build Deck Stairs

How To Lay Out Stairs

Normally no importance is given to building a deck staircase. But, when the time comes, it will not be necessary for you to go to the university to explain how to do it. Then, these tips will help you build the stairs to access your wooden deck if it is at an important height. How to build deck stairs? Firstly, it includes normal features such as a minimum width of 48 inches (1200 mm), the band is 10.5 inches (275 mm). And the height is 7 to 8 inches (175 to 200 mm) in its design.

The spars should not be greater than 16 inches (400 mm). Foot adjustments should be 6 x 6 inches (150 x 150 mm) of treated wood or roofing paper to prevent rot. The next steps on how to build stairs? Second, measure the height of the ladder from the bottom of the deck to the ground. Then divide that measurement between 7 or 8 (175 to 200mm). This will give you the number of steps you will have to do.

Third, place the steps on the crossbar, by means of 2 x 12 inches (50 x 304mm) of treated wood, with a square. Adjusts the height of the determined height. Fourth, cut the overhead with a circular saw. Use a handsaw to finish the cut. The last of how to build deck stairs, install the stringers by placing them on top of the cover outside the metal frame. Set vertical cards using 1-inch (25mm) thick screws in the treated wood. And the instruction of how to build simple steps was done.