Add Stringer Pool Stairs

Modern Above Ground Pool Ladders

With the right tools, building a set of side pool stairs can be a do-it-yourself project. For a pool, a large set of metal or metal-based stairs can be overwhelming or decorative misplaced. Hiring a small business entrepreneur can be expensive and not an option for many household budgets. Before this project, carefully check the list of things needed. Do not try to replace tools or skip steps.


Create stringers

Measure for the total increase of the stairs for pool. Lay a board flat on the deck stuck off the side to the extent that the intended landing for the stairs. Place a level on top of the board to ensure it is flat to pool. Measure from the top of the board to the ground. This is the total increase. Share the total increase measurement by 7. The average increase for side stairs is 7 inches. This determines the number of steps. If it does not share the same, round the number up for 5 or more stairs and down for less than 5 total stairs.

Cut a 45-degree angle at one end of a 2-by-12-inch board. Starting at the longest point on the cut end, measure out 10 inches. This is the first stair. Place an angle bracket at the end of the measurement and align so that it reads 7 inches at the edge of the board. Adjust the other side to read 10 inches at the edge of the board. Trace along the outer edge of the square with a marker. This completes the rise and the second step. Move the square and repeat the action for each specific step needed.