Adding Shades For Small Front Porch Decorating Ideas

Unusual Front Porch

Small front porch decorating ideas is the part of your home that your guests first see when you come to your door. It is representative of the rest of your home decor so you should take the time to decorate this space to complement the style of your home. Moreover, this is the space where you can relax and enjoy the scenery after a long day. Utilize shades on your porch when determining where to place each decorative element.


Install a hammock on the side of the small front porch with shades. This allows you to relax with or without the sun shining on your face. Hang shades on the sides of the patio that are perpendicular to your house. This depends on the direction your home faces. For example, if your home is facing north or south, this will allow you to steer whether you want to block the sun in the morning, at night or both. Likewise, if your home is facing east or west, install shades on the side of your porch that is parallel to your home to have the same possibilities.

Install drapes on the side of the porch that is parallel to your home, and choose blinds on the two sides of your porch that are perpendicular to your home. This allows you to completely protect against the sun at all times of the day. Place pot plants in the places on your porch where you plan to have the sun shine through most. If you decorate your porch so that the plants are in the shade, you do not need enough sunlight to reach each plant. Alternatively, you can also decorate with artificial plants.