Antique Dining Table Furniture

Large Antique Tables

Antique Dining Table –  When you buy antique furniture to buy antique furniture, you will find that some of the most popular items are formal antique dining tables. We all need one of them that’s what makes the dining table one of the most desirable antique furniture. Buying an antique dining table can be a little tricky, because the quality and costs vary. The key elements of pricing are: authenticity, length, width, duration, quality of wood used and color. As a general rule before the dining table is build the higher the quality of the wood use. Tables that still have all the original leaves are rare and far more valuable, compared to substitute leaves.

Width is important, if the person sitting opposite each other there must be enough space in the middle of the table. Look for a table of 48 inches or wider. One that is only 42 inches will be worth less than half of the same table of 48 inches in it. Its length is also important, with a table that can accommodate 10 people or is more highly sought after.

The earliest dining table that still exists today is a stalk table, used in the Middle Ages. The upper part is make of long wood boards locatd above the trestles so that the table can dismantle and move to the side of the room whenever space is need for activities other than eating. During the Middle Ages, all guests ate together in a large hall, together with the host and homeowner who use to sit at a small table that was lift.