Antique Floor Lamps In Home

Big Rustic Floor Lamps

Because of their ease of installation and their decorative aspect, the antique floor lamps are the favorite luminaries of the French! The lamp is ideal to illuminate a specific place in a room or bring the touch of decor and original that will change everything to the atmosphere of the room. Composed of a foot and a lamp shade, the classic lamp is very easy to use. Just put it on the floor and plug it in to enjoy a pleasant and warm mood lighting.

Often composed of a wooden or metal foot and a fabric shade, it will fit in any interior and can be installed anywhere. Its arched foot allows it to illuminate perfectly from the top a sofa or an armchair. Be careful, however, to take into account the dimensions, specifically the span, because the arched lamp takes more space than a conventional lamp post.

The effect once installed is however guaranteed: the arched floor lamp is trendy and its design sublimate your interior! The indirect light lamp post upwards and is ideal for mood lighting in the living room or bedroom. If you like reading, opt for the version of indirect lighting with a reading lamp, preferably orient able, and install it near your favorite reading corner!