Anything You Need About Stair Climbing Cart

Vevor Stair Climbing Cart

Modern stair climbing cart have consolidated their acceptance as an auxiliary means of transporting loads. The market offers many different models of stair lift trucks, stair climbing caterpillars and trolleys to climb stairs. It is, therefore, important to analyze exactly which are the specific needs before choosing the most appropriate stair climber.

Which are the best stairs for my needs? To move loads of considerable weight there is no other option than to resort to transportation solutions. We then used the traditional cart to move the cargo from A to B. But, what if the cargo is unwieldy and bulky if you have to treat the pavement with care or even climb stairs? In addition, a single person can not transport weights of several hundred kilos for stairs with a common wheelbarrow.

Caterpillar traction systems on the Skipper and Domino stair lift trucks offer even greater anti-slip safety. These are authentic crawler tracks, in which the vehicle itself is responsible for supporting and balancing the entire weight of the load. In this way, a single person is enough to raise or lower the goods by stairs.  Double electric motors operate independently each of the two caterpillars of the Domino staircase, favoring maximum freedom of movement. With this, turns up to 360 ° are achieved in narrow landings. The Domino Automatic stair climbing model offers maximum security for transported objects.

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