Basement Floor Paint Ideas

Concrete Basement Floor Paint Reviews

Basement floor paint – Basement floors are made functional and attractive, with a little paint. Concrete floor paint can help lower your basement to be waterproof and is not toxic when it dries. These paints make the floor easier to clean, thus creating a smoother surface. Different grades of paint can be used for your concrete basement floor.

The least expensive concrete paint is water based latex, which is a good option if the concrete in your basement is new. Water-based concrete paints can be found in most home improvement stores and are intended for domestic use. This type of concrete paint is available in a variety of colors as well, but water-based paint does not seal against moisture and is not as durable as other types of concrete paint. If using this in your basement, apply at least two coats for maximum coverage.

An oil-based paint is comparable to water-based paint in price, but is more durable when used on concrete floors. Where latex paints can make a dent over time when exposed to moisture, oil-based paints last longer and can withstand moisture. To prepare the surface of the soil, apply an oil-based primer before painting to fill small holes or pores in the concrete. Oil-based paints are available at home improvement stores and will be clearly indicated on the label that they are intended for use in concrete.