Basement Paint Colors For Home Staging Success

Ideas How To Make An Unfinished Basement Livable

Basement Paint Colors – When you sell your home, you want to avoid using very personal colors – such as dark blues, orange and violet as most people do not have furniture, curtains and accessories that use the colors. Painting your house white or white is probably safe – but it’s boring and you want your home to stand out and remember. Here are some of my favorite neutral paint colors that are warm, exciting and fun to most buyers.

These are the warm roses that look beautiful in most rooms. I use it recently in the St James NY condo lounge – the house sold in two days. It works well with yellow leather sofas and homeowners. Important note: Due to the tone of the furniture, oak flooring and wall color are closely link, it helps make the room look bigger. This is also a great color for the bathroom and basement. If the basement does not receive much light – add some white or white paint in the same luster to make it lighter.

This is an interior designer’s favorite for many reasons. It is a wonderful typewriter that will mix with everything. I have been paired with white wainscoting and white prints in the elegant dining room on the Bay Shore NY shore – it looks pretty. At the same house, I mixed only the color of this paint on the original Venetian Plaster for the entrance of the house. I also use color in metal plaster for living room.