Beautiful Butcher Block Dining Table

Butcher Block Eat Table

The wood has more than ever the price, so we opt this year for a solid wood butcher block dining table! Material with multiple qualities, the wood is displayed as a requirement. Associated with the counter concept, it becomes both a cutting board and a work table. A guarantee of cooking for lovers of good food. A natural, warm, aesthetic, practical and resistant effect, the wooden counter is inviting in all types of interiors: rustic, modern, country or contemporary…

Original piece of wood for this counter that gives character and brings a real “plus” to this white kitchen. We note the floor slightly lighter on the ground … We feel good! The wooden counter offers a rustic look to this industrial type kitchen. We love the combination of wood and metal materials. Small addition, the block that can make crazy cuts … Like a desire to cook!

Beautiful Central Island with this wooden counter on which it is good to cook and eat. Everything is available in this spacious and friendly kitchen … We can not wait to sit down to eat! A semi-modern, semi-rustic set for this restored farmhouse. A simple and efficient wooden counter that offers the essentials; sink, hob and large cut. We note the beautiful thickness of the butcher block … Awesome!