Beautiful Living Room Rug Floor

Apartment Living Room Ideas Rug

Living room rug – Adding a beautiful carpet in your interior has several advantages. It is good for the acoustics, it makes a tight floor less chilly, it is nice and warm at your feet and it gives the room that little bit extra. A carpet that is too large will make your room look smaller and will dominate too much. On the other hand, too small a carpet makes a bit of a lost impression in a large room.

Choose a specimen that is about 60 cm shorter than the shortest side of the room. Also take the doors into consideration: the carpet must not block an opening that opens inwards. To keep everything in proportion and avoid an Alice in Wonderland effect you can use this trick: Measure the length of your couch and add 20-30 centimeters on the left and right side: this is the ideal length for your rug .

You can choose to only partially put the furniture on the carpet. A good starting point is that about 1/3 of the furniture, such as the couch and armchair, is on the rug. A long carpet or a runner is perfect for the hall. If you have a very long narrow hall, it is better to put several doilies, because otherwise the room seems longer.