Beautiful Living Room Rug Size

8×10 Area Rugs Ikea Living Room

Perfect for the living room or the bedroom are high-pile woolen rugs. These have a warm and cuddly soft look. Soft living room rug size are also super-tight. Also beautiful, and somewhat tougher, is a carpet of plant fibers, such as sisal. This feels less soft. A low-pile carpet is tighter and more modern. A carpet with a pattern is often more stylish in a low-pile version. Low pile carpets are more suitable for the hall, dining room or kitchen and are easier to clean.

The perfect material for a rug in the dining room and kitchen: cotton. Easy to wash in the washing machine when something falls over the table. Also a carpet of vegetable fibers, such as sisal, is quickly cleaned with a sponge. How about a rug in the living room that integrate with dining? It may not sound like the most logical place for a rug, but a rug under the dining table is ideal as a silencer.

Important: make sure that the carpet is at least 70 cm longer and wider than the table, so that the chair legs do not rest on the edges of the carpet when they are moved. Because the center of the carpet is covered by the table, the design of the sides is extra important. Ideally, the shape of the rug also fits the shape of the table.