Best Finishing Basement Flooring Ideas

Classic Basement Flooring Ideas

Basement flooring ideas – The most important factor to consider with any floor finish in a basement is humidity. If there is moisture, you should repair the cracks in the concrete floor and foundation. And then seal the floor with the water resistant or latex based epoxy mixture. Once the basement is resistant to moisture, you can choose from a wide variety of floor finishes.

The same type of epoxy paint sold to seal and garage color plants can be used in basement concrete floors. Epoxy provides a durable, durable finish in concrete, but the selection of colors is limited. Another option is to seal the floor then use latex paint, which is available in a wide variety of colors. The use of latex in a basement floor offers the same creative possibilities as painting walls, such as imitation finishes, mixing colors and a granite look. After it is cured, seal the latex with several layers of varnish to give a durable finish.

Stains formulated specifically for concrete floors are widely available and are used to dye concrete in earth tones. It can be applied in different layers of color if desired. Stains offer the opportunity to design plants that look like stone, tile or marble. Concrete stains are available in water-based formulas that dry quickly, emit low odors and make cleaning easy.