Building Corner Dining Table

White Corner Bench

Building a corner dining table is a beginner project that you can change to suit your taste. Change the size and shape of the table top, and choose from a variety of decorative wooden table legs in any length and style. Basic supplies and some tools are all you need. Furniture-grade plywood has stainable wood veneer on both sides, and most home-improvement centers will cut standard 4-by-8-foot sheets in half for you. Flexible wood veneer ornamental bar hides the cut edge, making the table top look solid wood.


Set a 4-by-4-foot sheet 3/4-inch furniture-grade plywood on the desk. Place a circular object such as a glass or bowl on a corner table. Trace around the edge of the object closest to the corner of plywood with a pencil, making a rounded cutting guide for trimming the corner into a curve. Repeat at each corner of the two plywood sheets. Cut plywood pieces along the rounded pencil markings with a jigsaw. Examine both pieces of plywood, to choose the surface texture that you prefer for the top. Place the best piece on your work table with the top down.

Pour a generous amount of wood glue onto the plywood, and distribute it evenly with a foam roller. Set other pieces of plywood on top of the first, and smooth the edges. You can neaten the corners later. Attach two clothespin-styles, spring-loaded wooden clamps to each side of the dining table edge, holding the two layers of plywood together. Insert wood screw through plywood with a drill and a Phillips bit. Space them six to eight inches apart along all four edges, in the middle and over the surface of the plywood. Pre-drilling is unnecessary, and the screws are too short to pierce the other side.