Building Front Porch Bench

Simple Front Porch Bench

No porch is complete without a sturdy bench. A good front porch bench can sit discreetly along a wall when not in use, or it can fill in as extra seating around a picnic table in a pinch. Fortunately, you don’t have to be an expert carpenter to craft your own porch sitting bench by hand. With some common tools and easy to find materials, you can make your own wooden bench yourself, even if you have never built furniture before.


Cut and nail the porch bench underlay. The 9¼-inch pieces should cap the ends of the rectangle. Cut a 9¼-by-50-inch rectangle from ¼-inch plywood. This will form the basis for the bench. Nail the plywood rectangle to the bench base. Place one-of-12-inch board on the floor, and center bench undercarriage on top of board with plywood supported on one-of-12-inch board. Align the frame on the chalkboard so the board overhangs the frame with-inches at the front and back edges and at 1½ inches at each end.

Attach the frame to one-of-12-inch board by screwing through plywood support. Cut and attach end panels. Cut two rectangles of ums-inch plywood at 11 by 17¼ inches each. Align each end of the seat and frame assembly so that the short end of each panel is perpendicular to the bottom of the back seat. Attach each end panel to the base frame with 2-inch screws. Cut and attach the bench end braces. Cut four right-angled triangles of ums-inch plywood with 8-inch sides. Fit each porch bench end panel brace into a corner of the bench, with one side facing the bench surface, and one side close to an end panel. Attach the brace triangles to the bench under frame with two-inch screws.