Building Rustic Dining Table Set

Style Rustic Farmhouse Table

The rustic dining table set can invoke the feelings of a colonial kitchen or be in an old world farmhouse. The simplicity of making a table dining room with a simple and classic design only contributes to the appeal of the table. With very little woodworking skills, virtually anyone can put the table together and finish the project over a weekend

You need:

Arrange four support frames for a square. Nail the boards together. If you want to use wood glue along the joint to add extra security. Place a table leg inside the corner of the square. Nail the leg at the rustic table frame with three nails on each of the two sides of the leg. Hold the upper edge of the leg in height with the top edge of the frame. Working with the table up and down will keep things in place without much variety. Insert the other three legs into the frame and allow some wood glue to dry before turning the frame over. If you prefer the table legs turned, be sure to leave the first 6 inches square and round the rest of the length.

Turn the body and legs right side up. Check if the level in the rustic dining table is at this point. Grind all legs that make the table unstable. Place your four boards at the top of the table and space evenly approximately every inch. Nail two nails in each board across the table in the frame boards below. Sand the table top and edges smoothly. Apply any stain or sealant as desired.