Building Shadow Box Coffee Table

Original Shadow Box Coffee Table

Shadow box coffee table sit behind the couch and normally run 4 feet long or more, depending on the size of your sofa and your design choices. You can build a coffee table with wood and top it with slate, tile, stone or glass to suit the interior of your living room. Building a sofa table is a simple project. These instructions are to help you build a coffee table that is 4-foot long, 18-inches wide and 30-inches tall. You can adjust any of the sizes to fit your sofa.


Place the face hardwood panel downward on a flat surface and attach the L brackets to each of the four corners with the wood screw. Attach the table legs to the brackets. Stand at the side of the table right up. Let the glue dry. Sand shadow box coffee table with medium sandpaper followed by light sandpaper. Sand the wood in the fiber direction. The light quality paper will help eliminate scratches left of medium paper. Remove all debris left from grinding. All particles left on the wood will be visible in the finished table.

Stain table to match the interior of your living room. Always stain in the direction of the wood fibers. If you need more than one layer of paint, follow the manufacturer’s instructions for sanding between layers. Allow the stain to cure completely before using a layer of polyurethane for protection and gloss. Cover the table top with slate, tile or a glass plate to give your shadow box coffee table a distinct look. If you plan to cover the top with tiles, there is no need to put polyurethane first. Wear a mask when sanding, betting and polyurethane.