Change The Way You Look At Basement Walls

Basement Modern Wall

Use the unique cellar system to treat moisture-exposed basement walls and get beautiful cellar walls. Even shortly after the walls have been expose to water.  Painting the walls of a cellar is an essential step for the development of this place which is often abandon. This place can however be transform into a wine cellar or even a living room.  Cave rhymes often with humidity! It is therefore essential to take this fact into account before painting in a cellar.

Before you can apply a paint of the chosen color – a paint made especially for the cellar that resists moisture – you have to take some precautions. In particular, it is necessary to apply a first coat of water-repellent paint before applying a finishing coat. Respect these steps is essential to save the inconvenience of paint flaking after a few weeks.

Before painting the walls of a cellar, it is necessary to clean the walls according to the rules of the art. During this step, all non-adherent and blister areas will be eliminated. Any damage parts or cracks in the wall will be repair and treat with cement or a special waterproof coating. It should also be keep in mind that in this type of environment, mosses and molds grow faster.