Choosing Interior Cool Basement Ideas

Kitchen Basement

The lack of natural light in cool basement ideas creates the visual feeling of a cold, dark place. When finishing a basement for use, it becomes like a family room, home office or entertainment space choosing colors that work well with lighting options used in the room. The basement interior is dependent on internal lighting and its direct effect on the colors used for color and interior decoration.

Cool color scheme

Cool basement colors need not be limited to the warmer colors such as red, orange and yellow. These colors make an otherwise dark space, but cold colors like blue, gray and green bring a modern appeal to the room. Paint ceiling and floor a blue-gray and ceiling a creamy white. Add jewel-tinted blue and green to the space through fabrics, rugs area and lampshades. Counter cool with warm colored accessories such as pillows, clay or painted ceramics and bold colored wall art in red and yellow. Add wall sconces to heat the walls slightly, but still maintain the cool appeal.

Warm colors

For a warm color range that gives the room an elegant appeal, the walls paint a honey color, using lamps and sconces if possible. Choose neutral shades that range from barely beige to a deep, earthy brown for fabrics and wood tones. This creates a monochromatic system that raises the visual temperature in that space. Add visual interest by adding accessories in cool tones such as deep blue, purple or gray. Use these colors in fabric, lampshades and carpet area.