Clean And Beautiful Porcelain Bathroom Floor Tile

Glazed Porcelain Bathroom Floor Tile

Should you choose porcelain bathroom floor tile or natural stone in the bathroom and how do you make the right choices? If you need new tile for your bathroom, you basically have two tile types to choose from: Natural stone and porcelain tile. The advantage of natural stone is that it contains natural fats. So it can be cleaned and beautiful without any artificial polish.

Conversely, natural stone cannot withstand as much as ceramic tiles. Before you decide which tiles to choose, it may be worthwhile to get a tile, interior designer or architect to look into the room. Let them either come to you and look at the room, or show them good photos. They can often see the possibilities you had not even considered.

You have to decide on the size of your new tiles, and here are a number of things to consider. How big is the room? Is the room square? Are there many oblique angles and things that ‘stick out’? Is the toilet and cupboards standing on the floor? One golden rule is that you need large tiles for large rooms and small tiles for small rooms. Remember, however, that large tiles have large surfaces, and therefore they have a natural tendency to be more slippery.