Coffee Table Height Design Ideas

Standard Coffee Table Design

Coffee table height – Some coffee tables are tall for the stool or standing around, while others are shorter to accommodate smaller or shorter chairs. If you are building your own account or buying a coffee table, you should get a feel for the space that you are going to put in first. Consider how people imagine using the table before deciding on what height to build or buy.

The standard height of a coffee table with normal chairs is approximately 30 inches, or 2 1/2 feet from the ground. Height could vary from an inch or two in one direction or another. This allows the chair to tuck under the table when it is not being used, and for people to sit comfortably in chairs around the table. Your legs are usually adjusted under the table, and the surface of the table is at an optimum height to eat or work on a laptop with a normal chair.

Some coffee tables are higher. They are designed for tall chairs or stools. These types of coffee tables are typically about 42 inches, or 3 1/2 feet tall. Table tops are generally smaller in diameter than tables that sit closer to the floor, because a larger surface of the table would make the table higher and more susceptible to falling charges. Some of these types of coffee tables also have a footrest on the bottom of the table.