Craftsman Front Porch Design Ideas

Craftsman Front Porch Style

Craftsman front porch – While cottage-style homes have several fundamental architectural characteristics, their wide and open porches are one of their most distinctive features. Because the porch of a bungalow is usually quite large, you have plenty of space to decorate at the front of your home. You can choose from a variety of practical and decorative porch accessories, but if you want the most authentic aspect of your artisan bungalow, there are several key options that you should keep in mind.

A rocking chair is a classic addition to a porch, as it provides a comfortable place to sit and observe the landscape of your neighborhood. Ideally, you want to choose a seesaw that complements the architecture of the house. Look for a mission style rocking chair, which is usually handmade and has a heavy wooden frame with clean, simple lines. A warm, mid tone shading is the ideal goal for the rocker, but you can add pillows for comfort. Choose cushions in colors that fit the artisan style, such as gold, terracotta, olive or gray-blue.

The artisan’s bungalow’s porch is usually quite spacious, so it may be able to accommodate more furniture than a simple rocking chair. An outdoor loveseat, armchair and coffee table can form a comfortable seating area to entertain guests and enjoy the warm weather with your family. The wicker furniture is the best option, since the natural material fits very well with the architectural style of the craftsman.