Crate Coffee Table Options

Wooden Crate Coffee Table

Crate coffee table adds function and decoration to the seating area of ​​your family or living room. Traditional coffee tables are available in a variety of styles, but alternative coffee table solutions extend the options for table space in common areas. You can even have a piece of furniture already in your home that would work as a coffee table.

Traditional coffee table

Traditional coffee tables come in a variety of styles, sizes and materials, so you can find one that fits your current furniture. Wood and metal are common materials for the tables. Some have a glass plate or sections of glass framed by wood or metal. A rectangle or square is common, but you will also find round or oval coffee tables. Some have storage built under the table providing a functional center for the room.

Table Collection

For more flexibility, consider a collection of smaller tables. A set of four coffee tables is perfect, but you may need to adjust the number based on size and preferred layout. Ideas include feed tables in a row or create a square with two rows of two tables. The individual tables allow you to play with the arrangement for a simple room update. When you entertain, break up the tables and move them around the room as needed to accommodate your guests and their drinks.