Creative Under Stairs Cabinet Ideas

Wonderful Under Stairs Cabinet Plan

Under stairs cabinet – Every little bit helps when it comes to storage space. Short of buying a bigger house, the best option to increase your storage is the creation of more cabinets. Under a staircase is an area that is often overlooked. Of course, the configuration of this area makes it unconventional. However, this area is the usable space that is often wasted. A low-ladder cabinet can be formed by framing a wall in the front of the space and adding an access door. Then all you need is a rod inside the space, along with the shelves, if you have the room.

Run a tape measure across the floor, from one end of the opening below the staircase to the point where you meet the stairs. This is the length of the shank wall needed in your closet. The wall requires 2 by 4-inch boards, called studs, sandwiched between the additional 2 by 4 boards, called boards.

Measure the same extension, only along the roof in place. This probable measurement runs completely at an angle. Do not consider the angle, and find the distance from the wall to the point that the stairs with the floor. If, by chance, part of the upper area is straight, such as under a landing on the stairs above, measure that area separated from the angled area.