Decorate Basement Bedroom Ideas

Rustic Basement Bedroom

Basement bedroom ideas can be a gloomy, claustrophobic space. With the right decorating techniques, you can even transform the darkest basement bedroom into a space you should be happy to spend time in. You have to prioritize and eliminate the mess to get the spacious look that will make your bedroom a pleasant environment. Put in a good color scheme and lighting, and you will forget that the room is in the basement.


Choose a theme for your basement bedroom. Want a romantic getaway? Keep your decision in mind when you buy furnishings for your bedroom. A theme will make the most of your space by uniting it. Consider creating a monochrome color scheme consisting mainly of colors on the light end of the spectrum. This will help the lines in your room flow, and reduce any tendencies to an “angular” messy look. Paint the bedroom a bright color. Avoid wallpaper with busy patterns. Bright colors will open up the room, making it seem both lighter and more spacious.

If you are a talented painter, or have the resources to hire one, paint a trompe d’oeil on one wall. This technology can give your bedroom a spacious, luxurious feel, transporting you to the painted scene. Carefully select artwork for your room. Hang a contact point piece or two or three small pieces of art in a grouping. Think of your decor and color scheme when choosing art that will be a complement to your sleeping space. No one other than you will ever know that there is no window behind the curtains, and the “window” can make your basement bedroom feel bigger.