Decorating Industrial Coffee Table

Reclaimed Barnwood And Steel

Industrial coffee table can be played up or down, depending on the design of a room. For example, a coffee table in a minimalist room will be dressed differently than a table in a country-style room. Taking the time to do this part of your design on the right can take the whole concept of the boardroom. Creating a nice coffee table arrangement is as easy as taking your signals from the rest of the decor. Use the coffee table of the correct size. A coffee table should be the same height as the sofa seat and is not as long as the sofa.

Create a theme to tie the coffee table together with the rest of the room. For example, if you have illustrations featuring the wildlife hanging on the wall, stack a couple of books about the wildlife in the center of the coffee table. Place a statue of a bird on top of the books and lay a jar of decorative bird eggs beside it. If your room is in disrepair chic, unite it by adding items such as a chipped caramel dish, rustic frame and white roses in a painted coffee can.

Vary the height of everything that is placed on the table to maintain the static look provision. Candlesticks or vases of different heights helps create a sense of movement on the table and makes it visually interesting.