Decorating The Office With Teak Desk

Large Teak Desk With Drawers

Teak Desk – Teak is a common name for tall wood trees. Its origin is India and successfully cultivate in the Philippines and Java. It grows bluish with white flowers and produces fruit called seed fruit. Teak is very durable and strong and is use throughout the world in shipbuilding. In tropical countries, teak wood is mainly use for furniture construction, because it is resistant to insects and dangerous weather. In the office, teak can use in decoration. This creates a pleasant and relax atmosphere. Decorating with teak can do easily because of its unique and unique features.

With the budget as the main consideration, officials can be decorated with teak wood in many ways. Original teak wood can be expensive, and if you have a tight estimate, buying quality teak wood can be a practical choice. To decorate an office, it is advisable to sketch an office that shows windows and doors. This prevents you from investigation and error. Needing to move furniture at any time if the position is not in accordance with the room. Draw a possible place where teak furniture can place, but be aware of places where furniture can expose to direct sunlight.

If you want other furniture made of different wood, never place it on one another because it creates imbalances with colors and themes. Teak furniture must place on the edge of the office, and teak shelves look attractive when place behind a desk by matching office chairs. For practical reasons, the bookshelf must place first before placing other furniture in the middle of the office.