Design An Oval Dining Table In Home

Antique Dining Table Oval

Where to put the table in the dining room? And what styles of chairs to choose to go with? How to think space to circulate well in the room? Here are some tips and tricks to answer your questions and make the most of your oval dining table. The layout of the dining room can quickly turn to the puzzle! Small dining room, square dining room or length, there are many ways to arrange the space to receive at home.

If dark wood and anthracite dominate in this dining room, some carefully selected accessories can energize the room with a colorful note. In addition, the transparency of the glass brings lightness to the decor dotted with raw materials. Just like the Japanese Ikebana – designating a traditional floral art – a wild branch just dresses the vessel in question.

Rustic and cozy, the sheepskin warms the atmosphere of the dining area in a snap of fingers. A fluffy plaid or synthetic skin is ideal when trying to create a cocooning corner at home. The wooden bench seems all the more comfortable once embellished with this cozy textile that is reminiscent of the mountain style . In a sense, the sheepskin softens the industrial aesthetics of this family dining room.