Design Ideas Of Rustic Dining Table

Reclaimed Wood Rustic Dining Table Ideas

Bring your rustic dining table back to the fold with a new decorative design that fits the rest of your decor. Decoration ideas for your rustic dining table with cabin, decorating cottage has its roots in both the English country and a shabby chic decor. You can evoke this style on your dining table with items you already have in your home. Cover the table with a white linen tablecloth. Group mismatched tea cups and plates and plates with a cream and sugar pitcher dish next to a rustic ceramic container holding sterling silver spoons to give the impression that tea time is imminent.

Traditional decoration eaters bring to mind their finest Sunday linens and tableware. Cover the table with a lace or freshly washed and starched linen tablecloth. You could also leave it exposed, but make sure it is polished until it shines. Or commitment to a linen or lace runner to match your place mats.

Center it with a formally designed bouquet in a glass vase. Keep the formal appearance by flanking the vase with silver candelabra, high ornate candles and white or silver. Or a circle in the vase with four or five candlesticks. If you have a large table, place the flowers in a large decorative urn, and flank with glass lanterns that surround white pillar candles.