Different Types Of Basement Doors

Basement Doors Model

Wooden basement doors are often the traditional choice for both modern and classic homes. Whichever wood type you choose, a wooden door gives style and class to your interior. A door in wood has not lost its charm yet and remains a popular option. An overview of the different types of wooden interior doors can be found here. Wooden interior doors give extra privacy to a bedroom, living room, bathroom, etc.

There are many types of wooden doors such as sliding doors, swing doors and block doors. You can personalize a wooden door completely so that it fits perfectly into your living space. You can paint, polish, varnish, sandblast…. You can also choose whether you want a flat wooden door or want to apply a pattern.

The sliding door is becoming increasingly popular because of the many advantages. With wooden sliding doors you lose less space than with a classic door. Two spaces can flow into one another by opening or closing the sliding door. There are different ways in which you can realize a wooden sliding door. It is possible with a simple hanging system where the door always remains visible. In addition, you can also make the door disappear into the wall.