Easy To Install Kitchen Vinyl Flooring

Dining Room Vinyl Flooring

Kitchen vinyl flooring – At first glance, it is often difficult to distinguish a real floor from vinyl flooring as imitation effects are successful. Cleared of the prejudices that surrounded them, plastic floors, vinyl and PVC, have nothing of a “low-end” soil. Made by coating on a backing, made of textile – perfect for sound and thermal insulation, or foam – for shocks, the vinyl floor is ultra-resistant to all the attacks that can come to damage a kitchen floor: stains, splashes, scratches…

The condition for a hard vinyl that lasts? Choose it right from the start. For the kitchen, which is a place of life and passage, one opts for a thick model, composed of many stratified layers. In fact, the thicker the PVC wear layer, the more resistant your vinyl flooring will be to wear. For the kitchen, do not choose a vinyl floor that is less than 20 millimeters thick.

Thus, you can go and iron, stomp, cook, dirty and clean, without fear of wear on your floor! Practice, is not it? With its infinite choice of designs, vinyl flooring has become a staple for kitchen decorating. The imitation effects wood, parquet, stone, tiles … are very well made and give the room looks without ruining you.