Everything You Want To Know About Stair Parts

About Stair Parts

We offer some definitions of the words and expressions we use every day in the design. And manufacture of stair parts. Balusters: Elements of various shapes (round or square section, wood or metal) locate between the stringer of the staircase and the handrail. Riser: Vertical wooden panel closing the space between two steps of a staircase.

Escape or head-butt : Free vertical height between a stair nosing and the ceiling, or another step of the upper flight or any element of the building. It must not be less than 1.90m. Steps: Width of the steps, taken between the two strings of a staircase. Overall dimensions: Overall dimensions on the ground of a staircase. Railing: Set consisting of balusters and a handrail to provide protection against a vacuum.

Giron: Width of the step of a staircase measured from nose to nose on the stride line. Height of stairway or height to be climbed: Distance between the starting and ending levels of the staircase measured from finished floor to finished floor. Walking height: Distance measured between the upper faces of 2 consecutive steps of a staircase. Line of Stride: Imaginary line corresponding to the average trajectory of a person going up and down a staircase.