Find Inspiration To Give A Boost To Your Oak Stair Treads

Beautiful Hickory Stair Treads

Oak stair treads – Part of the house in its own right, we often forget the stairs. And yet, this piece of passage is an opportunity to express its creativity … We help you find inspiration to give a boost to this space. First of all, we must take into account all available spaces: wall, steps, counter-steps, ramp, sub-basement … All areas can be customized, so enjoy it. Before starting, we also observe the specificities of the area: is the staircase narrow? Large?

The record is, just have to start. We often think of hanging pictures and frames on the wall, along the ramp. Slate wall or giant coloring to let creativity express itself, light garland, etc. We can do a lot of original things, but also opt for the classic photo frames. Decorating this wall is always a good idea and it brings a touch of cheerfulness.

On the other hand, we think less often about attacking the markets themselves. With a little paint, applied on the whole of the steps or only a part, falling wallpaper glued on the counter of the march or rolls of masking tape to draw geometric patterns you give a second life to your stairs in no time. In addition, these solutions are generally inexpensive! Ideas are infinitely different.