Finished Basements With Small Budget

Black Painted Finishes Basements

Finished basements – Those who are lucky enough to have a fairly high basement, probably have all in mind to develop it, if it is not already done. Indeed, what could be more cool than creating bedrooms or an additional bathroom. Installing a play area for children or a home theater. All dreams are allowed, especially when you see dream basements such as this one. In evaluating the budget of the works to be done, the return to reality is sometimes difficult.

This is one of the most expensive spaces to develop because the basements are usually large. Before thinking about decorating, you often have to spend a lot of money to insulate the foundations, seal the air and moisture, and sometimes redo the plumbing, electricity or concrete slab. Rendered to the layout, you do not have a penny left.

The least expensive solution (but the coldest for the feet) is to paint the concrete slab, provided that it is well cleaned, fairly flat, and free of cracks or efflorescence’s. Why not fun creating patterns have (stripes, checkers or stencils). If you have opted to insulate your concrete slab, you will probably have a vapor barrier placed on the concrete, insulation boards and a raised floor covered with plywood sheets. More money to buy a floor covering? Never mind, paint your plywood building!