From Modern To Classic Wrought Iron Stair Panels

Shaped Wrought Iron Stair Railings Interior

The design options for handrails are endless. Handrails are available in all shapes and models. The most used material for handrails is wood, steel, glass and wrought iron stair panels. Whether you opt for a modern style or a national look and feel, a wrought iron staircase is always an excellent choice. Besides the design and style, the banister has also become an essential element of a staircase.

Stairs inside are usually finishes with steps in other sustainable and natural materials such as glass, wood or natural stone, depending on the style of your interior. With a wrought iron staircase, the stair railing and balustrade are the real eye-catchers. They give your staircase exactly that cozy, warm appearance or just that modern, sleek look that you want. An external staircase is usually manufactured entirely in steel.

A steel staircase is resistant to all weather conditions, is timeless in design, safe and user-friendly. A railing must of course also be firmly fixed to the wall. Attaches handrails with chemical anchor so you do not see the screws. There is also the possibility to attach the handrail with screws. To limit the visibility of these screws they also come in the color of the stairs and a picture appears.