Front Porch Lighting Ideas

Traditional Front Porch Lighting

Front porch lighting is a great way to get functional lighting and style to your porch. Whether you want to add porch sconces to create a welcoming atmosphere or to provide security, there is a wide range of sconces available in many design options, materials and energy options.


Porch sconces should be placed at optimal height. Placing fixtures is high enough to avoid shining in the eyes and shining down on the entire porch. Sixty-five inches above the standing level is standard. Install a barrier on both sides if the front door ensures uniform lighting. If a light bulb goes out, you will still have light. If you can only place one light on one side of the door, choose a fixture with two lights. If you need to install a porch wall mount on step-down exterior walls, you may need to build a wooden base to provide a horizontal surface for proper attachment.


Consider the scale when choosing your porch wall sconces. A bulb that measures about two feet from top to bottom may seem great when held at arm’s length. When installing the door, you will find them the perfect size when 50 feet or more away from your porch. It is a good idea to have porch sconces that activate by motion detector, timing or photocell activation. Movement lighting lights up when someone enters your porch, welcomes guests and helps you find your keys without fumbling in the dark. Choose a kit for time activating your light to come on even when you are on vacation. Photocell activated automatically lights up at dusk and closes at dawn.