Good Classic Drop Leaf Teak Table

Bar Drop Leaf Dining Table

A dining table is useful in every home, whether you have dinner at the family every night or use it sometimes a year. But anyway, you don’t want the table to take up lots of space in your home all the time. Remember the good old drop leaf teak table? It’s a classic, available in every style and a perfect choice. When there is no obvious difference between the living and dining areas, a drop-leaf table can be the element that links these spaces.

A popular decor idea is to have the living room sofa and the dining table sitting back to the back. This type of arrangement allows both the living and dining areas to feel like separate rooms each with their privacy without creating a visual gap between them.

There is also the possibility to make the expandable dining table part of the living room. In this case, there would be room for the coffee table and the living and dining areas would be one. A practical idea if you often find yourself eating at the coffee table or playing board games and need more space. Having a drop table tucked behind the living room couch lets you use it for evening activities when you have people over.