Good Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table

Balustrade Coffee Table Wood Reclaimed

Making your own reclaimed wood coffee table is a good way to get the one that haunts our thoughts. We are too often frustrated not to find the coffee table of our dreams in stores, so here is the ideal solution. Of course it is essential that the project is feasible and corresponds to your level of DIY. There is no point in embarking on a project beyond one’s skills that may end in a failure.

Another good reason to make your coffee table: the price. The furniture and decorative accessories often represents a large budget. Making them yourself can reduce costs by choosing economic materials or objects of recovery. Making a coffee table can be a lot easier than it seems. For example, a wooden crate attached to a stool or board installed on steel legs. The potential of some unused items is often underestimated.

You can also design a basic design table with some simple and current tricks: manufacture feet in copper tubes, use lampshade carcasses as a base, turn a table top door, assemble wine boxes, and saw simply logs for a 100% natural table! Finally, if the idea of ​​taking out the saw and the drill scares you, you can always give a second youth to your old coffee table by customizing it with stencils, by painting silver paint, decorating the mosaic tray.