Good To Walk On Stair Stepper

Fitness Stair Stepper

Stair stepper – The task was to make a walled staircase with three pitches and two steps. Which partly had to fit with a floor of floor tiles and partly with a pine floor. There should be contrast between the staircase and the floor. So it became clear what was the floor. And what was the staircase. The stairs should be good to walk on and it should be as simple as possible.

We created a harmonic staircase, where all stones have the same direction with only 6 cut stones in each step. One square and two triangles, which together make up 2 whole stones in each corner. This separates the stairs from what you often see with masonry stairs. It can be a jumble of stones in all directions and sizes.

The final step is cut shells which are glue to the wall with tile adhesive to achieve uniformity in the staircase expression. The staircase is good to walk on because it is made after the staircase formula – 2 steps and a ground must give 63 cm. Because it corresponds to the normal stride length. The reason is the staircase’s horizontal part and the step is the vertical part.