How To Build Trestle Dining Table

Amazing Dining Table

Right trestle dining table can make a perfect complement to the ensemble in the dining room. Before you decide to build a dining table, consider the following facts. Follow the simple instructions to build your own dining table.



Make four pairs. They are the four table legs. They must not create a square, but a rectangle. Measure 3 inches from the bottom of two legs, and screw a 59 7/8 inch piece into each leg. Measure 3 1/4 inches up from the bottom of the other two legs, and screw a 31 inch piece into each leg. Screw the headpiece 33 1 / 2inch into the center and attach it to the long sides. Screw each edge of the board to make the short edges of your dining table. Complete it and attach them to long table edges.


Now, screw these pieces into the table legs and even the rails in the table frame. You have to remember that the wood you have chosen is limited in style with the leg of the table. Fill wood filler in all screw holes. Let it dry. Now, sand the whole table. Cover the table with the stain using a brush, and remove excess. Get a deeper color by applying another jacket. Spray varnish over the table. Let it dry and sand it easily with sandpaper. Do it at least two or three times. Your table is ready to amaze all your friends.

Tips and warnings

You should keep your dining table protected from the stains. Do not clean it by using water if it is made of wood. Instead, use wood finishes making it longer. Always use protective measures such as glasses when working saws and other equipment.