How To Building Teak Corner Shower Bench

Basket Teak Bathroom Bench

Building a shower in place to custom specifications allows a homeowner or builder to build a shower of a unique size. Custom shower design also gives a homeowner greater freedom in that special functions that can be included. One possible besides a custom shower is benches or chairs. Teak corner shower bench can be built from ash blocks or bricks and mortar after the shower pan has ended up to a certain point.


Build the corner shower bench frame for the shower pan. Remove all material needed to expose the floor. Measure the opening at the threshold shower where the curb will be placed. Transfer this measurement to two by-products four and cut three lengths of two and four to this size. Measure, cut and staple a section of building paper to the subfloor. Cut a hole for the drainage opening.

Glue the lower part of a three-part shower drain into the drainage opening with PVC cement. Shove a cloth into the drainage opening to block loose mortar from accidentally falling into the drain. Calculate and shower bench for the total increase that will be required in pre-pan layers. Prepare the mortar and pack it into the metal rib. Mix the mortar so that it has a relatively dry consistency and consider using a polymer additive to increase strength or other properties. Use a trowel to place the mortar on the shower floor and build it up so that it approximately corresponds to the slope between the wall and the drain.