How To Care The IKEA Dining Table

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IKEA Dining Table – Having a formal dining room does not have to mean dressing in rigid clothes and using 27 hairpins. Setting a table aside for great dinners and special occasions mean a little extra work, but having room for dinners is well worth it. How to take care of a dining table depends on what is done. Whether it’s a piece of heritage wood passes through the generations or one that you bought in a large box store and assemble yourself, careful care for dining tables extends your shelf life and your pleasure.

Polish your dining table in stained or varnished wood with a clean cloth and furniture wax and lint-free. Do not use polishes that contain wax on a varnished table, as the wax can dull the shine. Clean a wooden table painted with a sponge moistened in hot water and wrung out until it is barely wet. For stains and spills, you can use a small amount of mild soap on a soft bristle toothbrush.

Care for the tile, marble, granite tabletops with spray bleach and a sponge, provided the sealer will not react with the bleaching agent. Check with the manufacturer to be sure. If chlorine is too hard, use mild soap. Use glass cleaner and a clean, lint-free cloth to clean and polish glass tables. Do not forget to clean the bottom of the boards, as fingerprints and dust accumulate there. Use tablecloths or tablecloths on all types of boards. They are not only decorative, but they also protect the tabletop from water rings, scratches and stains.

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