How To Choose Teak Stool

Reclaimed Teak Stool

Teak stool is often used for outdoor furniture pieces because of its strength and durability. It stands for extreme weather conditions, unlike other woods that tend to split or warp when exposed to moisture, heat and cold. The high demand for wood makes the price higher than other wood options, but many homeowners still choose it for its positive properties. Teak is also used inside the home for furniture, floors and other materials


Limit the type of teak chair you want. Teak is used in a number of chair styles including patio chairs, rocking chairs, Adirondack chairs and indoor style chairs. Think of the chair style that suits your taste, including whether you want weapons on the chair. Choose the size of the teak chair you prefer. This is a matter of personal preference and the amount of space available. With some measurements in the area before heading to the furniture store, you give a size guideline.

Decide whether you want natural teak or stained teak chair. Natural teak gradually becomes a silver gray color if left untreated. There are many color options for teak furniture. Choose a color that works well with other furniture and colors in the area. Choose if you want teak chairs chemically treated to slow down the weathering process, especially for outdoor teak furniture. Some people do not mind silver-gray weathered color teak while others prefer to keep their original color as long as possible.