How To Concrete Bathroom Floor

Traditional Concrete Bathroom Floor

Concrete bathroom floor can be difficult and can look awful if the installation is done in the wrong way. New concrete adds life to an old bathroom and gives it a fresh look, without changing any other items. Most homeowners choose concrete for their bathrooms. The following steps will help you tile a bathroom floor.


Take commode first. Make sure you turn off the water valve and empty the toilet by flushing it first. Then loosen and remove the nuts holding the toilet in the floor. Loosen the strip around the base of the wall and currently floor. Place your tray in the desired pattern. Use cardboard to set the design first so that you have the center square. Mix use with enough water to make a small portion of your concrete. Use the flat edge of your trowel to lay mortar down on the bathroom floor. Then use the putty cut edge to create uniform ridges.

Place washers on the bathroom floor in the desired pattern. Put some pressure on each plate as you put it on the mortar so it will last. Use a vinyl spacer in between the plates to keep an even space. Apply the mill with a rubber grout float and water. Use the float to drive the mill into cracks between the plates and then scrape off the excess while holding the float at a 45-degree angle. When the sealant has dried to a haze, use a wet sponge to wash off excess grout. Apply a sealer after a few days to allow use and grout time to fully set.