How To Find Vintage Coffee Table

Luxury Vintage Table

The vintage coffee table prices, as well as most furniture, can easily run into hundreds, perhaps thousands of dollars. Size, quality and style of coffee table you choose affect its price, but you can save a significant amount of money by shopping for used coffee tables. There are a variety of ways you can take to find used coffee tables


Scout boutique second-hand stores in your area. Many smaller second-hand stores have furniture offers and you can often find great deals in these stores. These second hand stores have great furniture inventories and you can sometimes find amazing hidden treasures in such a place. If you are looking for a certain type of rustic coffee table, visit the stores often as their warehouses vary greatly from week to week. You can also negotiate prices so if you feel that the coffee table is overpriced, see if a drop in price is possible.

Find your local web listings for used coffee tables. You can limit your search by searching for specific types of coffee tables. For example, write in “glass coffee tables” or “vintage coffee tables” rather than just “coffee tables”. You can also refine your search to only show results with pictures of coffee tables for sale. People will often list furniture for sale in job listings. You can then run to view the items in person to judge if you want to buy them. Look for used coffee tables on eBay and other similar auction sites. Before bidding on an item, factor in all fees. If the used coffee table is in a remote state, shipping costs can be quite expensive.