How To Make Farmhouse Coffee Table

Rectangle Coffee Table

A nice table can light up any room. A farm table is a sturdy table that can walk in almost any kitchen. A farmhouse coffee table can either have four legs or a pedestal base. This version uses the base plate base as it is robust and easier to build. Once the project is complete, you will find great satisfaction in having friends over to showcase your new apartment table.


Using the table to cut eight slats of wood that are about 2 to 3 inches wide. Sand the forest until it is smooth. Line all pieces in a row. Glue all pieces together. Tape the entire line together. Stand up right, and bend pieces until it makes a big circle. Glue the first and last piece together. Make a leg pattern from balsa wood. The two ends should be able to rest flat against the farm coffee table base and floor. Make sure the pattern you are doing does this. Draw the pattern on a 2-inch thick wood layer.

Use a band saw to cut three legs from the wood layer. Sand all three legs. Drill two pilot holes in each leg. Use locking pliers to attach the hanger bolts and legs to the table base. Sand plywood. Attach to the coffee table with screws, brackets and glue. Cut four pieces of 1-inch thick wood about 2 inches wide. Sand they well. Screw each piece under the table top at the edge of the table. Each part should be level with the other pieces. Use a bets to color the entire coffee table. When dry, apply wood varnish to keep wood in good condition. Use any color. Allow to dry thoroughly before use.