How To Paint Bathroom Floor Ideas

3D Bathroom Flooring

If you are looking for a quick and easy update to your existing bathroom, consider painting the floor. You can paint virtually any bathroom floor ideas (perhaps with the exception of the carpet), from tile to linoleum to cement. This guide provides the steps needed to paint a bathroom floor.


Repair and clean your bathroom floor. Caulk cracks and spaces around the bottom of vanity. Sand linoleum, vinyl, tiles and wooden floors. Clean the floor thoroughly. Apply an oil-based primer to the prepared floor. Allow the primer to dry and then apply a second layer. Let this layer primer dry too. Paint a strip around the outer edge of your bathroom to use as a guide as you paint the rest of the floor.

Begin painting at the back corner from the door. Paint against the door to prevent having to step on already painted surfaces. Let the bathroom floor decor dry and apply a second layer. After the second coating has dried, it may be necessary to apply a third layer of paint. When the floor is completely painted and dried, you can continue to paint stencils or a faux finish if you want. Apply two layers of clear polyurethane varnish designed for flooring, if desired. Choose paint colors that match the rest of your bathroom decor.