How To Refinish Antique Coffee Table

Antique Coffee Table With Wheels

Antique coffee table is available in all sizes and adds warmth and elegance to a home. Cherries have long been a favorite wood for furniture manufacturing. You will also find cherry wood tables and matching furnishings in many five-star hotels. Antique cherry wood tables are prone to superficial scratches over time. However, it is easy to refinish an antique cherry table and bring back the beauty of natural wood


Open windows for good ventilation. Put the newspaper or tarpaulins on the floor. Make sure the antique table is on a flat surface, with room to work around it. Put on a chemical vapor or dust mask and disposable gloves. Wait five minutes, and before stripping the agent completely dry, scrape off the top layer in the table with a large filler spade. You easily remove old paint or varnish with stripper agent. Grind the table with an electric grinder to even the surface and grain of cherry wood. Remove wood dust with a clean brush. Check the table for damage.

Inspect the surface of the cherry wood table. Fill rinsing or cracking hairline with Wood. Re-glue raised surface in place with wood glue. Let filler and wood glue dry for four to six hours. Re-sand easily by hand with 150 grit paper. Remove wood dust with a clean brush. Use a gel-based stain on cherry furniture. Gel is thicker than liquid spots and richer in color, will still not detract from the natural cherry color of the wood. Apply a layer of stain with a clean brush. Allow to dry and iron a second time to highlight the rich cherry color. Make sure the stain dries evenly. Apply a third layer if necessary.