How To Skinny Front Porch Decor Ideas

Picture Small Front Porch

Even in a crowded space, your front porch decor ideas don’t have to be thin in style. It doesn’t take a lot of space to enjoy the outdoors. Bring your personality and decorative style to the outside with some creativity and planning. Up high and down low, make the best of even the lean space you have.


Capitalize on the height of the walls and place tall growing plants in bond boxes for structure and life. Choose decorative plantation of the same color for a uniform look. Place a long outdoor runner with a bold pattern or color on the floor to add interest. Paint and seal the front porch decor, as an alternative to carpets, for a more durable strategy. Hang rows of flowering baskets along the front of the porch.

Use ferns that grow long and dense or choose a flowering variety of plants to add a punch of color. Cover furniture in weatherproof, bold fabrics to liven up the small front porch. Place seat cushions on chairs or benches, as an alternative way of making it more comfortable and decorative. Place small closed tables made of wicker, cane or other weatherproof material and top with decorative elements such as candles or potted plants.