How To Square Kitchen Wooden Floor

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Kitchen wooden floor are laid from one end of the room to the other, in courses. If the room is out of square (as the rooms in many older homes are), then this will be a problem, since they start. Starting the boards evenly with a wall will mean being uneven along the end wall. That is why you need to “ square ” the layout first, which means putting start and finish lines that are parallel to each other, with as little variation as possible between the rows and the walls.


Lay rosin paper underlayment over the entire floor, in courses that slightly overlap on the sides. Stack them all. Select the side of the floor where you want to start, usually the longest unobstructed side. Make two pencil markings, one half inch out of the wall at each end. Hold the guide at one end of the mark while your assistant holds it on the other. Tighten it. Snap it to the wooden floor, leaving a chalk line along the edge of the floor. Measure between the two lines, at one end and then the other, to determine how oblique they are.

Again snap the lines to make them the same distance from each other at each end, divide the difference that you brought with four, they move it through that much at both ends of each of the two lines. (Example: If there is a 1-inch difference in the distance at each end of the lines, move the line on the wider end inward by ¼ inch, and the other ends outward by ¼ inch.) Install your kitchen wood floor beginning on a line and work over to the other. Floor trim will hide the gaps later.